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Patrick Bene

President, Bene's Career Academy

Change begins at the end of your comfort Zone

Patrick Bene’ has been married to Vicki for 36 years, they have 3 children and 3 grandchildren. They have owned and operated beauty schools for 20 years. Together they have developed the Prestige software to help out an industry and provide electronic data management systems to other school owners.

Patrick has many accomplishments in competitive racing in marathons, Ironman and long-distance running ultras. Patrick competed in the 70.3 Ironman World Championship in St.George, Utah in 2021. The Championship was a result of years of training including more than 30 ironman races at the 70.3 miles distance. And last month, he raced in the Boston marathon for the 12th time, after competing in over 50 marathons in his lifetime of training for Boston.

He has also completed many ultra-marathons, (these are distances more than a marathon). He has finished 8 races at the 100-mile distance, generally run in the mountains from one city to the next.

He firmly believes in balance in your life, and to always have a challenge goal out in front of you to chase. What challenges you, right now in your life? Who can help you?

“If you’re not growing, you are dying”