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Dr. Scott Fitzgibbon

Project Director, Master Facilitator and Speaker, The Pacific Institute

Dr. Scott Fitzgibbon has been involved in higher education since 1991 with wide-ranging experience in academics, admissions, student services, and career services. Scott has worked extensively with school administrators and faculty specializing in cognitive-behavioral training directed toward affecting employee and student persistence and retention. He has taught thousands of employees and students to apply behavioral understanding to teaching, learning, teamwork, customer service, and sales.

Dr. Fitzgibbon has been a Master Facilitator of The Pacific Institute’s Investment in Excellence® and Thought Patterns for a Successful Career® curriculum since 1995. Working with The Pacific Institute Higher Education Initiative, this student success curriculum has been implemented in over 500 career schools across North America reaching over 1,600,000 students and 35,000 school employees.

In addition to his work within education, Dr. Fitzgibbon has designed and implemented professional development training and evaluation initiatives for healthcare and service providers, social service and government agencies, and the manufacturing sector. He has earned a Doctorate in Education Administration from the University of Pittsburgh (2002), a Master’s degree in Student Personnel Services and Counseling also from the University of Pittsburgh (1995), and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Finance from St. Vincent College (1991). In addition, he is a Pennsylvania Licensed Professional Counselor (2002).

Dr. Fitzgibbon has guest lectured for numerous international, national and state association conferences.